MaAnShan OuLi Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd.

Maanshan Ouli Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Maanshan, which is known as the Steel City. The address is located in Bowang Industrial Park, the hometown of Chinese cutting tools. The transportation is convenient. The provincial road runs through the industrial zone to connect Su, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui. It is less than 30 kilometers away from Nanjing International Airport. As one of the manufacturers of mechanical tool manufacturing, Ouli has been committed to the development of mechanical tools. 

At present, it has a group of experienced technical elites and various precision testing instruments and complete physical and chemical equipment. We rely on excellent equipment, exquisite craftsmanship, strict inspection, modern management, and strive to improve product quality. At present, Ouli products have been exported to all parts of the country and the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and other Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia.

The company mainly operates:
Production line accessories: widely used in printing machinery, paper machinery, aluminum foil machinery, metallized film machinery, tobacco machinery, packaging materials, electronics, light industry, food, BOPP film, ABS plastic, steel metallurgy, electric machinery, electrical appliances, shipbuilding, leather , rubber machinery, chemical fiber / glass fiber machinery, textile machinery, stationery, plastics, feed, paper tube, carton machinery, woodworking, forestry and other types of blades: metallurgical metal blades, carton mechanical blades, rubber mechanical blades, leather mechanical blades, life Paper knives, slitting machine blades, slitting machine blades, strip-shaped knives, paper machine knives, dotted blades, cutting machine knives, etc.: CNC bending machine dies, CNC turret punching dies , steel mill casting mold, light pole mold wear-resistant metal fittings: inlaid alloy round blade, alloy rolling blade and other machine tools and equipment transformation.
If you have special requirements, please provide drawings or samples, and we will process them separately.
Over the years, Orly has always been committed to continuous improvement, all customer-centric principles, to create quality products, provide sophisticated services to shape their own brands. The cutting tool itself is an industry that is "a little difference, a thousand miles". As a professional brand manufacturer, we are well versed in this, so Ou Li is committed to the cultural tenet of "passionate service, meticulous and thoughtful, perseverance, excellence". The enterprise spirit of “integrity, collaboration, pragmatism and innovation” provides products and services for customers in major steel mills, papermaking, plastics, metallurgy, chemical, rubber tire factories and various packaging industries.
For many years, Ouli Machinery has been adhering to the business philosophy of being honest, working hard, and achieving win-win cooperation, moving forward step by step. The company set up an official website to provide network marketing channels for new and old customers, and the price is low. It is the best partner for the majority of enterprises. The development of the company and the branding are not a one-off event, nor the goal that Orly can achieve with its own strength. Our development needs your support; I believe that we can also provide you with products and services that satisfy you. Here, Ouli sincerely welcomes people from all walks of life at home and abroad to discuss cooperation matters. Ouli looks forward to working with you to develop and create a magnificent vision for the market!
Since its inception, Ouli Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. can be said to be all the way through the hardships. After all the hardships, we can understand the philosophies we should follow. I think that the real competitor is not someone else but oneself, and must have the courage and courage to face everything.
With the cultural tenet of “passionate service, meticulous and thoughtful, perseverance and excellence”, Ouli promotes the enterprise spirit of “integrity, collaboration, pragmatism and innovation” and provides satisfactory products and services for customers!
I believe that soon Ori will become the leader in China's tool industry, because we have elite technical teams, they are brave to innovate and dare to be first. More importantly, we have a group of savvy customers, so I firmly believe that under the guidance of our value system and corporate culture, and driven by loyal partners and customers, we will always strive to create better quality for all. Products and better service, and we will make our company a socially responsible and ethical mission.