Shaped blades are "alien" rather than "shaped"

(1). Shaped refers to non-standard, irregular meaning, that is, there is no fixed shape, neither a triangle nor a circle, a rectangle or a trapezoid, etc., and the industry usually uses "non-standard" to describe.

(2). The blade refers to the part of the blade that has no handle, that is, the thin steel piece that can be used for cutting at least one side, one corner or one arc with a cutting edge in the safety knife holder.

(3). A blade-shaped cutting tool for cutting on a machine.

(4) “Shaped” rather than “shaped”, so many people quarreled about it. Let's take an example: "The shape of your blade is so beautiful!" The word "shape" inside refers to the shape. The second example: "What model is the knife you produced?" It refers to what type, not the shape. Therefore, it is a "shaped blade" rather than a "shaped blade." Blades, modern people's claims mostly refer to hardware blades.

The materials used for processing blades in China are required to meet the hardness of the material according to the degree of sharpness. The materials used for the blade material are selected according to the use environment. The more materials used are carbon steel blades, manganese steel blades, tungsten steel blades, high carbon steel blades, and food. Most of the blades are duplex stainless steel, 301 stainless steel, 302 stainless steel, 303 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 410# stainless steel, 420# stainless steel, 440# corrosion resistant stainless steel and 416# stainless steel.